On Thursday the 9th of May 2019, in the FIM at the House of National Motorcycling Federations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Emilio unveils the private exhibition of 100 amazing motorcycling riders sketches: "100 Cool Riders".


Emilio Cabanas, (Madrid) SPAIN, 1971. Since he was a kid, motorcycles and music have played an essential role in his life, and always provided him with special feelings and experiences. Cabanas’ first motorcycles (Montesa & Puch) in the 70s and 80s, along with his father and big brother, were the experiences that most touched him.

Even though his study preferences have always been more ‘letter’ related, his professional in the world of finances led him to live in Switzerland in the year 2006, where he settled down along with his wife, Beatriz, and his three kids, Marcos, Emilio, and Inés.

While writing in a Moleskine journal, Cabanas discovered spontaneously and naturally a new passion within drawing. Simple, hand drawings, that are improvised as he goes along, using ink, and without correcting any possible mistake. The night’s tranquility, mixed with some good music, gives Cabanas the chance to escape the world and create a perfect ‘drawing’ moment. “Cabanaem”, like he is known in the moto-art scene, uses asreference and inspiration the contemporary biker’s scene, full of characters and perpetual demands on ‘two wheels’.

100 Cool Riders FIM 019 © Gilles Piel.jpg


“100 Sketches = 100 Cool Riders”.

More than 33 Months of work, more than 450 hours of hand drawing, nights and weekends with awesome music as companion.

Great personal experience, “good art for good people”. 

These are some of the interesting and mixed characters of the collection: John Christenson, Riccardo Pozzoli, Stuart Garner, Mark Hawwa, Eric Hendrikx, Henry von Wartenberg, Coste Dimitri, Fabio Muner, Miguel Testón Udaondo, Juampi Garcia, Davolo Steiner, Sacha Prost, Hermann Koepf, Scott G Toepfer, Antonio Barbeito, Stacie B. London, Sandra N. Gillard, Guillermo Moreno Fontaneda, Jeremy Tagand, Jeremy Tacchini, Dany Kunz, Patricio Buteler, Zach Iddings, Dayne Ashbaugh, Christoph Blumberg, Dani Pajak, Gotz Goppert, Peter Guld... and 72 more!

Easy to understand, and nice to discover.



Pics by © Gilles Piel.

100 Cool Riders FIM 135 © Gilles Piel.jpg
100 Cool Riders FIM 147 © Gilles Piel.jpg
100 Cool Riders FIM 083 © Gilles Piel.jpg
100 Cool Riders FIM 127 © Gilles Piel.jpg
100 Cool Riders FIM 160 © Gilles Piel.jpg
100 Cool Riders FIM 181 © Gilles Piel.jpg
100 Cool Riders FIM 185 © Gilles Piel.jpg

Emilio Cabañas


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